Mediterranean Style House

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The pollarded trees and vines shade the sunny entrance to this Mediterranean style house near Cassis. This is a charming village scene in a picturesque town.

Domaine Saint-Louis Cassis

The sign says Domaine Saint-Louis Cassis, Degustation - Vente -- meaning Tasting and Sales.  Unfortunately I did not stop to taste the wine.  Cassis is an incredibly beautiful place in Provence at the beginning of the French Riviera by the sea.  The geographic feature are sharp cliffs near the sea, and calanques,

A calanque is a steep walled inlet or cove, somewhat like a fjord only on a smaller scale.  Many boats take tourists to see the calanques, which are incredibly scenic.

On the sign, under the word Cassis, you have Appellation Contrôlée Cassis which means that the wine from Cassis is from an official area. And in the script there is a name: Laurent Jacque.

Apartments ~ Aix-en-Provence

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These old apartments are in the city of Aix-en-Provence.  They are limited to four floors, because there are no elevators.  They are all walk-ups.  Charming, but tough with groceries if you live in the top floor.  I imagine that a piano would pose difficulties as well on moving day, without an elevator.

Chic Shoppers in Aix-en-Provence

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There is plenty of shopping in Aix-en-Provence, and these two young, chic shoppers got an early start.

Toy Shop in Cassis

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Cassis is a pretty little town with stark, dramatic geography in the French Riviera.  It is a can't miss when travelling to Provence.  This is a view of the street scene and a toy shop in Cassis.

Stone Mailbox in Entrance to Hammeau

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This is a charming entrance to a hammeau, with a stone mailbox made into the field stone wall.  Charming.

Vineyard Bursting With New Growth In Spring

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Old vines are bursting with new growth in the spring.  Since grapes only grow on new wood, the vines are cut back right to the stumps.  New branches grow and it is on these new branches that the grapes grow.  Old wood doesn't produce grape clusters.

A View of St. Saturnin and the Church Steeple

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This is the town of St. Saturnin in the Luberon valley.  The rock cliff to the right actually goes higher and has an old church at its pinnacle that is no longer used for worship.  It is being restored as a museum.  The steeple and belfry visible here, is the working church in St. Saturnin, and the Luberon stretches away into the distance.

A Peek At Farm Through A Bamboo Fence

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A look through the bamboo fence shows a farm growing some of the bountiful produce of Provence.

Le Grand Hotel Roi Reni - Aix-en-Provence

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I had to laugh at the pretentious name of Le Grand Hotel Roi Reni, located in Aix-en-Provence.  I haven't Googled it, and I am sure that it is a very fine hotel, but the name struck me as funny.  It is on the way to old Aix-en-Provence, downtown in the square.

Charming Shuttered Window with Window Boxes

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This ocher stucco house has charming shutters and window boxes.  Even if you live in a house on street with no visible dirt, you still have flowers.

Amazing Door and Latch

The ferronniers or iron workers were busy making this amazing door latch and hinge below.  And of course it is painted the robin egg blue that you see so often in the paints of Provence.

Multi-Levels of Roussillon and Bell Tower

This photo demonstrates perfectly the levels of the mountain-top villages of Provence.  Here in Roussillon, you can see three levels of the town.  The church is always at the highest point.  In this photo, the bell tower is topped with a wrought-iron belfry which is very Provencal.  It is almost like a bird cage for the bell.

Balcony Living Space

This ocher stucco house in Roussillon -- which is the town built on ocher, has some interesting Provencal window bar as well as a magnificent outdoor living space covered with a roof.  The views are splendid from this town, and from the balcony.

Spray of Purple Flowers

I was walking the streets of Roussillon, the ocher town, and I spotted this spray of purple flowers.  They were growing against a stone building mortared with ocher.  The juxtaposition of the flowers and the ocher was stunning.

Faded Glory -- Old Door

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This glass door with the lace curtain is an elegant example of faded glory.  The door knob and key hold brass is tarnished but still beautiful and exquisite.

Rustic Stone House

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I suspect that this charming fieldstone house is converted from an agricultural building.  It has undeniable charm and it is pleasant to look at.  Surrounded by all of the greenery, this house has wonderful picturesque appeal.

Stone Barn on a Country Road

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A quiet country road has a field and a stone barn on a gentle curve. This pastoral scene was shot near St. Remy-de-Provence in the countryside.

Modern Shops in St. Remy-de-Provence

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In case you are getting the wrong impression, not only does one have the historic town centers, but there are modern shopping facilities in Provence.  This is a major drug store in St. Remy-de-Provence.  Out of the picture to the left is a huge, wonderful grocery store.

The Central Town Square Aix-en-Provence

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This is a picture of the central town square in Aix-en-Provence.  The cathedral is to the left, and city hall is directly behind the photographer.  This is looking at the cafes from the city hall perspective.

Tragic Doorway in Arles

The scars of World War II are still not erased from parts of Provence.  This doorway in the city hall in Arles is kept as a reminder of the brutal past of World War II.  Citizens of Arles were imprisoned behind these doors before being shipped off to the Nazi German concentration camps.

Sunset In Provence

The sun sets on an orchard in Provence, signalling the end of another beautiful day in paradise. The temperate weather in the south of France makes for an extremely pleasant climate and a wonderfully warm evening.

Chemin de la Chapelle Near Maillane

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This rural country road scene is at the crossroads at Chemin de la Chapelle (Road of the Chapel) near the village of Maillane, in the St.Remy-de-Provence district of France.

Vines Against and Ocher Cliff

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Two symbols of Provence are vineyards and ocher.  This pic combines them both.  A vineyard in the foreground is profiled against an ocher cliff in the background.

The Road To Gordes

This photo was snapped in the ocher village of Rousillon.  You can see the ocher deposits behind the sign.  Gordes is one of the ten most beautiful towns in France. When Francois Mitterand was president of France, he kept his mistress in Gordes -- a holiday town.  Click on the Gordes tag below to see a view of Gordes that I took.